The Music of Your Life

Gold and Black musical notation

When listening to music people often focus on the notes. That’s understandable, for within the notes the melody and harmonies are established, the theme is made known, and the rhythm and meter are set. What many people overlook are the rests. Some consider rests simply the absence of music, an interruption to the melody. But in music composition, rests are at least as important as notes. Without rests, music loses meaning. Like reading a passage of text without punctuation or pause, the notes run together in a cacophony of sound. Rests contribute to the rhythm; they allow for breath; they create anticipation, adding emphasis and value to the chords that follow.Our lives are like music, our daily activity filled with an endless stream of notes. The melody of our day resonates with patterns and themes that define our purpose. But if we do not incorporate rests into our lifestyle we lose meaning. We need to include times of rest in our daily activity to maintain life’s rhythm. Sometimes we just need to pause for breath in the midst of our hectic agenda. And if we allow ourselves a moment to stop at times of transition, to mentally and emotionally release what we have been doing in order to anticipate what we are about to do, the moments that follow will have greater emphasis and value.

May your day be punctuated with moments of rest that give new meaning to the music of your life.

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